Friday, 27 March 2015

Bruce Is Tried In Absencia - How Convenient - Due Process Of Law Denied

Imagine that you hire a lawyer who agrees to work for a flat rate of $500 a month, but after you find out he is trying to sell your confidential case files to potential co-plaintiffs, is taking money from someone the FBI and RCMP said is behind death threats to kill you and your family, and "misplacing" vital evidence you need for your hearing, you decide to find a new lawyer, and suddenly he claims you owe hims $250,000!  And since he knows yours case better than anyone, he knows you are under court orders from the Ontario Court of Appeals and Immigration Canada not leave the Province of Ontario or you will be arrested and jailed. Knowing this, he goes to Ohio and makes a false claim against you, knowing full well he can say anything he likes and you cannot come to Ohio and show the the hand-written retainer agreement he signed and make any rebuttal to impeach his perjury.  This is precisely how he stole the 30 year family home of Bruce Gorcyca. 

This 35 page complaint below was filed with the disciplinary counsel of Ohio - the office you complain to about courtroom corruption in Ohio. It speaks for itself.  No reply was ever received.  Why?  Also see the 200 page law society complaint filed against the lawyer thief at:



Bruce Provided Sufficient Background To The Ohio Supreme Court Disciplinary Counsel
To Demonstrate Both The Motives And Character Of The Plaintiff

A copy of the 2006 Law Society Complaint and the below Addendum was also submitted to the  Disciplinary Counsel who already had access to the Cuyahoga Court Record Files which includes the hand written retainer agreement bearing the signature of Solicitor William Ross Gilmour - the lawyer who claimed under oath that he "had no written agreements with Bruce". The file also contains sworn statements of eye-witnesses Chris Stone, Juan Pablo Sanchez, and Charles Arnold - all of whom directly impeach the testimony of William Gimour on the same issues.  Just reviewing the testimony of Gilmour, even a 16 year old high school student would pick up on 3 instances of perjury, yet Judge Janet Burnside ignored them all.  After reading the below addendum, take a guess as at how the Disciplinary Counsel replied to this complaint.


See and read the 200 page Law Society Complaint filed against Solicitor William Ross Gilmour who himself was arrested for assault on August 14th, 2001 and failed to appear at two hearings of his client Bruce, and then conveniently "misplaces" two pieces of key evidence including the hand written letter of the now deceased key witness John Pierre Gonyou and a death threat note that had traceable fingerprints on it. See: